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ULTRAVISUAL GANG - creative project VJ Teknoir and VJ Violet specializing in live visuals and video installation. Created in the depths of space to display in your minds the message of music. Motion graphics, video installation and performance of visuals for artists, music label, djs and events. We provide custom video content, playback and creative solutions for a variety of international music promoters, artists and events alongside motion graphics for music videos. VJs Ultravisual Gang - one of the most popular VJs on the best partys in style Dubstep, Techno, Drum and Bass, TRAP, Hip-Hop and other parties devoted to underground electronic music, on account many performances as on usual parties, and large raves. Were participants of such festivals, as Pirate Station APOCALYPSE, PIRATE STATION REVOLUTION, Global Gathering Freedom Festival, FABRIQUE OF DUBSTEP, Kosmos Nash Festival, NEUROPUNK FESTIVAL and ect.

воскресенье, 22 марта 2015 г.

KILLA: Minsk Finest Drum & Bass

SoulRed Records present KILLA : Minsk Finest Drum & Bass

KILLA - серия Jungle Drum & Bass мероприятий в Минске.

KILLA: Minsk Finest Drum & Bass - YELLOW_INT, WIZZY MC. 
Live visuals ULTRAVISUAL GANG (VJ Teknoir, VJ Violet). 

KILLA: Minsk Finest Drum & Bass - NIGHTFREAK